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The norvegian student Hege Klein makes small space living look like a dream. Her 40 m2 apartment has only 
one room and a bathroom but still feels spacious and has everything needed for a comfortable living. The open 
space is clearly divided into different living areas; bedroom, work space, socialising, eating and cooking. The apartment is well planned and organized with space saving solutions, furniture with flexibility and double 
functions. Although it is small, Hege have created a simple but personal home and she is not one of the persons 
that dreams about living in a big house or having a big garden, she rather see the benefits of living small.
- Living in a small space requires less daily maintenance and there is also a smaller chance that your things will 
own you, she says. 

The home is published in the latest issue of danish femina. Made by me and photographed by Miguel Varanda.

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