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Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Time for christmas holiday! This year I am looking forward to spend lazy 
days at home with my husband and my dog, watching movies, reading books, eating candy and cuddling in bed...
See you again in 2017!

Pictures found on pinterest.


A wish list for christmas...

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A beautiful white paper star that can be used all year around. This one was found on designtorget.

 photo Skrmavbild 2016-12-15 kl.  19.25.30_zps6mjy45ib.jpg
Love the new simple rings from vrai and doro. The ring can be engraved with a letter for a personal touch, but 
I prefer it plain and the gold color is my favorite. 

 photo malin_berghagen_bok1_zpsffkliz0l.jpg
Yoga inspiration from my favorite yoga teacher Malin Berghagen

 photo OBH_Nordica_Pro_2000_zpsibeafdv1.jpg
A well functional mixer to simplify healthy and tasty cooking, in white to suit my kitchen.

 photo c0751c5a4c4afca639ac008be990f3db2_zpseiytldxj.jpg
A vacation...somewhere warm and sunny. 

 photo il_570xN.824817149_nbvy_zpsve4sz8aq.jpg
A cute face mask for a good night sleep. Found on etsy.com

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I prefer black and simple yoga props, a meditation pillow and a bolster will simplify my practice.

 photo 5c3089307bd969fa025822a1c216d9f7_zpsnnlw7c7i.jpg
A classic and comfortable pair of jogging shoes from nike for long walks and the weekly exercise.


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December. Time for creativity and diy projects and to decorate the home. I love these beautiful and simple diy christmas ornaments and the idea of bringing some green inside.


 photo Skarmavbild 2016-11-25 kl.  17.52.36_zpsmexahnxh.png

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 photo Skarmavbild 2016-11-25 kl.  17.51.52_zpsqi4zlf4t.jpg

It is the last week of november and with the snow falling down outside I guess it is about time to get into the christmas mood. These beautiful images styled by lotta agaton and photographed by pia ulin for blossa inspires 
and makes me long for glögg, ginger bread and cosy days at home.


 photo lottaagatonhome_1_zpsoo2brvuq.jpg

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 photo lottaagatonhome_12_zpsvw92arc3.jpg

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 photo lottaagatonhome_10_zpsoqaafob1.jpg

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Dark november mood in the home of my favorite stylist Lotta Agaton, recently shown in the swedish magazine residence. Photographed by Pia Ulin. More pictures here.


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 photo GetInline-6_zpsuhx2d46k.jpg

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During this season when the outside has faded and lost its colorful palette it is tempting to add more green to 
the inside instead and these pictures from my stylist and friend Brechtje Troost inspires. See more from her 
work here


 photo colorcombinations6_zpssjgxocw0.jpg

 photo colorcombinations3_zps875rwo9z.jpg

 photo colorcombinations4_zpsthex4bfv.jpg

 photo colorcombinations1_zps8wvjbqmz.jpg

Lately I have been walking around the streets of Lisbon searching for inspiring color combinations. The city 
with its beautiful buildings has fantastic color palettes and here is a taste of what I have found so far...


 photo Brechtje-7_zpsoytd3eak.jpg

 photo Brechtje-8_zpsaofppnxd.jpg

 photo Brechtje-10_zps9fgnu7i5.jpg

 photo Brechtje-6_zpsvxtzocnx.jpg

The charming home of my friend and stylist Brechtje Troost was shown a while ago on the dutch blog bloesem-
design. A calm and personal space inspired by the scandinavian style - light, airy, natural and functional. "Your 
home is a reflection of your personality. I like to surround myself with beautiful things that I like or that have a special meaning for me. And important..not too much stuff." says Brechtje. 

To read the whole interview and for more inspiring images of the apartment visit the blog.


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Hello autumn! I finally feel ready to say goodbye to the summer and embrace the new season. Looking forward 
to cozy october days, warm sweaters, hot cups of tea, apple pies, cinema evenings, ocean storms and colorful 

Pictures from my pinterest inspiration.


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 photo 5518153_zpsbrlinbi7.jpg

So I am back from holiday and lazy days by the beach... but want to keep the feeling of summer and vacation 
mood for a few more days before going back to reality... And found this beautiful, light, airy apartment in gothenburg, sweden with a peaceful and calm atmosphere!

More pictures of the apartment here.