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Starting off the easter weekend with this inspiring home! See more here


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Since I am not a coffee drinker the main reason that I visited the barn was because I had seen it on pinterest 
and by a coincidence passed by in reality... The nicely designed bar in wood combined with fluorescent lighting 
was what first draw my attention, together with concrete flooring and white walls as a base for simple wood furniture. A beautiful design and a nice concept makes this coffee roaster well worth a visit.

Photography: Miguel Varanda.


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So I arrived to berlin and I spent my first week discovering the neighborhood mitte, where I live at the moment. 
The area has a lot to offer and many exciting places to try out. On friday I visited this restaurant fleischerei
that used to be an old butcher place with a meny that presents high-quality classics of german meat culture. 
The restaurant has a fantastic design with original flooring, tiles and ceiling combined into an eclectic mix of 
simple wood furniture and crystal chandeliers.

Photos from miguel varanda.