My inspiration board for the latest styling project, "all that glitters are not gold". A rough and old space with 
beautiful architecture serves as a canvas for a selection of products in golden tones. The project was shoot 
last week by photographer Miguel Varanda and made together with stylist Brechtje Troost and the final result 
will be published soon...


World-famous swedish urbanears launched connected speakers in the spring, a speaker that enables a personal 
music style in each room - controlled by one and the same device. Baggen, the larger model, is best suited for 
larger spaces and open plan solutions, as living rooms, while stammen is best for bathrooms, bedrooms and 
other smaller spaces. Users can stream music from spotify connect, airplay, chromecast, bluteooth or a classic 
aux-cord. The speakers has a beautiful and simple design and comes in six different shades; dirty pink, vinyl 
black, plant green, concrete gray, goldfish orange and indigo blue. 


 photo summer_zpsgbt45uyx.jpg

I am getting ready for swedish midsummer celebration and vacation in scandinavia. Looking forward to the light 
summer nights, the beautiful nature and to spend time with family and friends!

Images found on pinterest.


 photo outdoor2_zpshsgkojua.jpg

 photo palms_zpsvnrzvgnf.jpg

 photo outdoor1_zpsjqroe3ls.jpg

 photo party2_zps88q1czha.jpg

 photo party_zpsgmwqzfxt.jpg

As the summer has arrived and vacation is getting closer I am dreaming of outdoor spaces and summer parties!
For more outdoor and party inspiration follow my boards on pinterest


 photo ElleDecoration_Lokal54_12_zpsyco5lkq6.jpg

 photo ElleDecoration_Lokal54_22 copy_zpsohao9kyd.jpg

 photo skandiform_news2104_lokal54_8 copy_zpsak44ou8p.jpg

 photo elledecoration_lokal54_2 copy_zps6fh8xrpy.jpg

 photo Lokal54_62-640x853 copy_zps6pe5nwod.jpg

 photo web-ideas-ikea-3 copy_zpstreoih8v.jpg

The weekly inspiration comes from the portfolio of Lokal 54, a creative agency based in the south of sweden. 
For more inspiration visit their website or instagram.


 photo kristoferjohnsson-interiors-90d73c54_w1440-1 copy_zpssfti4ze0.jpg

 photo Kristofer_Johnsson_1530 copy_zpslwyllxjx.jpg

 photo Kristofer_Johnsson_1532 copy_zpsuctkmoxg.jpg

 photo Kristofer_Johnsson_1535 copy_zpseoglqkfn.jpg

 photo Kristofer_Johnsson_1534 copy_zpsrtye1pum.jpg

My weekly inspiration comes from the portfolio of photographer Kristofer Johnsson, where I found the images of 
this beautiful home, styled by my favorite stylist Lotta Agaton and featured for the swedish magazine residence
For more inspiring pictures from Kristofer Johnsson see his instagram.


 photo 343751-Strandridaregatan-12D-06-1100x734_zpsykydcbpz.jpg

 photo 4568335_zps9aqsmvqh.jpg

 photo 4568345_zps7b1tzubw.jpg

 photo 4568337_zpsdsb2t9ff.jpg

 photo 333754-Eklandagatan-9-10-1100x734_zps0mcmgqsn.jpg

After a full time project in sweden combined with another small side project it has not been much time for 
blogging. But after finalizing the main project last week I now have more space in my agenda and am ready 
for new exciting projects. But first some new inspiration and starting off the week with some images from the 
portfolio of Emma Fischer. See more here


 photo arsenalsgatan copy_zps0n2zwkti.jpg

 photo 350446-44-1100x1648 copy_zps9zb3ewxa.jpg

 photo 350446-10-1100x734_zpsfjoarsdt.jpg

 photo 350446-43-1100x1648 copy_zps7p35kt0n.jpg

A lovely dining room with a sense of spring and peacefulness in this apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden created 
by a nice mixture of furniture in dark wood and white, light grey walls, nordic light and simplicity.

For sale through Bjurfors. Styling by Emma Fischer. More picture of the entire home here


 photo moodboard_zpsrfvkcdhf.jpg

My inspiration and mood board for a recent and ongoing styling project, white objects. It is really fun and 
creative and these type of projects are one of my favorites. I will post the result in some weeks when it is 


 photo semla3_zpsdttfuwyt.jpg

 photo semla4_zpsgb9tebvq.jpg

Today is "fettisdagen" (the fat tuesday), a special day in sweden for eating semlor, this amazingly good bun 
with cream and marzipan. If you want to make your own, try this recipe

Images found on pinterest. 


 photo Scandic_Haymarket_27-896x597_zpsdxvetssa.jpg

 photo haymarket-by-scandic-cafe-gretas_-4--1_zpsyc8hfwwo.jpg

 photo haymarket-by-scandic-cafe-gretas_-2-_zpssgxkjigl.jpg

 photo haymarket-by-scandic-bar-pauls_-4-_zpszzybtxf0.jpg

 photo haymarket_stockholm_zps46u4gaiy.jpg

 photo haymarket-by-scandic-bar-pauls_-5-_zpsrotvcfsc.jpg

 photo haymarket-by-scandic-bar-pauls_-6-_zpszqz5kumv.jpg

This sunday I made a visit to haymarket by scandic, a hotel, bar, café and restaurant at hötorget in stockholm. 
What a place! The design is fantastic and it was like stepping into a movie from the 20´s, an era of optimism, 
elegance and glamour. Art deco inspired interiors, powdery pastels, rich ornamentation, symmetrical and 
geometrical patterning. It is well worth a visit and i would love to spend a few nights at this hotel next time 
i am in stockholm. 

More inspiring pictures here


After an intense work project in Östersund, Sweden I got a few calm days before starting off with the next 
project in Sundsvall, Sweden and today I have spent the day filling up myself with inspiration from blogs, 
instagram and pinterest. Here is some of the inspiration I have found.

 photo a3ceca17e9171821a373b58408baad9b_zpsklzm6pva.jpg

 photo e81e94642c6db377fd63a734ba11bc15_zpsjjbqt1h3.jpg
Beautiful styled interiors from concept by anna.

 photo 1601f6919b3830e1fc895fefde624be9_zpssabbqeqt.jpg
An important reminder...not to start to many projects at the same time.

 photo a04765d7418eecf39b1c0f932b81e09b-1_zpskj5f5dcd.jpg
Would love to have this pink sweater for cold february days. Found on barneys new york.

 photo e6c167ea849b32d61cce4cc5a62281c6_zpsk2ffl8g8.jpg
A peaceful and simple bedroom inspires to rest and relaxation. Found on instagram.

 photo 2ea0376973d0551dad12ba493e187e49_zpsityhwsxh.jpg
Beautiful lamp and styling in this simple, white bedroom, found on lili halo decoration.


 photo 339057-20.jpg-820262761-rszww1170-80_zpsro7jebhl.jpg

 photo 339057-08.jpg-844952185-rszww1170-80_zpsayslrzll.jpg

 photo 339057-06.jpg-808366937-rszww1170-80_zpsc1dzkiuh.jpg

 photo huvudbild.jpg-1067156873-rszww1170-80_zps5knubnm6.jpg

 photo 339057-25.jpg-2084703566-rszww1170-80_zpscrxecgba.jpg

 photo 339057-29.jpg-827391481-rszww1170-80_zpssbifa3sd.jpg

After a busy work week this apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden seems so inviting with it´s calm and relaxed 
atmosphere and I would not mind of moving in right away, at least for the weekend. I love the light and peaceful atmosphere that has been created with a sense of comfort and simplicity, but I also like the daring touch of black leather chairs as a contrast and unexpected element to the rest of the interior design.

Pictures from myscandinavianhome.