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It has been a busy and challenging year for me so far and now it is time to slow down and take a proper brake, 
to just BE...rest, restore energy, and collect new ideas and inspiration. That means that I will not be blogging 
for a few weeks, but hopefully I will have a bunch of new inspiring posts ones I am back. In the meantime you 
can follow me on pinterest and instagram.

Pictures found on pinterest.


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The love for simple graphical patterns, illustrations, pictures and typography is clearly visible in the visual merchandiser Anna-Carin Rahmqvist´s home in Sundsvall, Sweden. She have created a light base with white 
walls and white painted floor combined with graphical details and touches of green. Recently published in 

Styling: Malin Holmudd.
Photography: Miguel Varanda


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 photo Home-of-interior-stylist-Emma-Persson-Lagerberg-photographed-by-Petra-Bindel.-4-1_zpsd0ib3voh.jpg

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One of my favorite apartments is this charming home of the stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg. I love the white 
simple base and the personal mix of furniture and details combined with a feminine touch. When renovating 
my own home this was part of my inspiration board and although it was quite a while ago this home still 
inspires me.