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After a busy work week this apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden seems so inviting with it´s calm and relaxed 
atmosphere and I would not mind of moving in right away, at least for the weekend. I love the light and peaceful atmosphere that has been created with a sense of comfort and simplicity, but I also like the daring touch of black leather chairs as a contrast and unexpected element to the rest of the interior design.

Pictures from myscandinavianhome.


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This week´s inspiration comes from a charming apartment in Stockholm with a monochrome color palette and a 
lovely mix of modern and vintage furniture and details. Although relatively small with only 44 square metres it 
feels spacious and airy with an open space design that lets through as much natural light as possible, including 
a beautiful window door dividing the bedroom from the living area. I could live here! Could you? 

Pictures found on myscandinavianhome.