photo Skarmavbild 2016-04-06 kl.  23.08.21_zpsag7zfs1i.png

 photo Skarmavbild 2016-04-06 kl.  23.10.07_zpsrxqcjsw3.png

Sockets do not need to be hidden in plinths or behind cabinets. That they can enrich your home environment 
is what Studio Lotte Douwes shows with the soft sockets. These sockets are meant to be shown, beautifully  
designed. The shapes and colors refer to nature, the source of our energy. They can hang freely in a room or 
on the wall. Together they form a spectacle which most resembles to twigs with flowers bunches. See more 
exciting work from Studio Lotte Douwe on her website.

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