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The weekly inspiration comes from the portfolio of Lokal 54, a creative agency based in the south of sweden. 
For more inspiration visit their website or instagram.


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Last week I booked a spontaneous weekend trip to my friend in England. After a talk on facetime I realized how 
much I missed her and that it was time for a visit and to spend some quality time together. I had not visited her 
since she moved from Sweden to England some years ago so I was also curious to see where she lived. After 
short flight to Heathrow and then a one and a half hour bus ride I arrived to the town Chippenham where Emilie 
picked me up. We went for a short car ride to the cute little town Calne where old charming and typical english 
houses from the 17th and 18th centuries were surrounded by the beautiful english landscape. Lovely! And in one 
of these old houses Emelie and her family had created a modern scandinavian family home. We spent the 
weekend chatting, relaxing and socializing in her house combined with long walks in the nature. 


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My weekly inspiration comes from the portfolio of photographer Kristofer Johnsson, where I found the images of 
this beautiful home, styled by my favorite stylist Lotta Agaton and featured for the swedish magazine residence
For more inspiring pictures from Kristofer Johnsson see his instagram.


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After a full time project in sweden combined with another small side project it has not been much time for 
blogging. But after finalizing the main project last week I now have more space in my agenda and am ready 
for new exciting projects. But first some new inspiration and starting off the week with some images from the 
portfolio of Emma Fischer. See more here