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I have a tradition of buying cut flowers once a week and every once in a while I update the home with some 
new house plants. It is the easiest way to give some new life and freshen up the home, without spending a lot 
of money and using a lot of time. I try to bring in some green into every room, even the kitchen and the bath-
room since these rooms need some softness as a contrast to the hard materials. The mix of different shapes, 
sizes and heights are important and the variation possibilities are endless. The plants can be grouped together  
or mixed with other decoration objects or as a break in the book case.
My collection of vases is mainly vintage findings from different places around the world except some pots and 
the big vase in the living room table which is actually a jar from the ikea collection sinnerlig. Here I always 
place a big bunch of flowers to give some life to the white living room. The hanging pots in the kitchen are
great solution since there were no shelves where I could place the plants, these are from ikea. The vase on the
wall in the living room is from my own collection, since I recently started making ceramic objects.

The best of all is that plants and flowers cleans the air and improves the inside environment. 


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Sunday pancakes. I love the weekend when there is more time for preparing a proper breakfast or brunch and 
this sunday we made pancakes. This recipe is my husbands speciality of gluten free pancakes.

2 deciliter milk
2 deciliter oat flour
1 teaspoon bakingpowder
2 eggs
Mix all the ingredients.

Use some butter when frying the pancakes. 

Powder sugar


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The charming home of my friend and stylist Brechtje Troost was shown a while ago on the dutch blog bloesem-
design. A calm and personal space inspired by the scandinavian style - light, airy, natural and functional. "Your 
home is a reflection of your personality. I like to surround myself with beautiful things that I like or that have a special meaning for me. And important..not too much stuff." says Brechtje. 

To read the whole interview and for more inspiring images of the apartment visit the blog.


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This weekend we spent in the summerhouse of my husbands family, in a small village outside Lisbon. The 
surroundings are beautiful with a sense of wildness and roughness and I like to go for long walks when we are 
there, especially to the beach, no matter the season. I am sure Leya does as well, she was so happy!
I also decided to bring the camera and awaken my interest for photography and these pictures are the result. 
I think I will start bringing the camera with me more often and post more of my own pictures here on the blog.


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Hello autumn! I finally feel ready to say goodbye to the summer and embrace the new season. Looking forward 
to cozy october days, warm sweaters, hot cups of tea, apple pies, cinema evenings, ocean storms and colorful 

Pictures from my pinterest inspiration.


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So I am back from holiday and lazy days by the beach... but want to keep the feeling of summer and vacation 
mood for a few more days before going back to reality... And found this beautiful, light, airy apartment in gothenburg, sweden with a peaceful and calm atmosphere!

More pictures of the apartment here.